CSE Prevention Work

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a form of child abuse. It involves young people (under 18yrs) being manipulated or forced into taking part in sexual activity for their own, or someone else's gain.   This could be for food, accommodation, drugs, or money. It is not known how prevalent it is, but child sexual exploitation has been identified throughout the UK, in both rural and urban areas.

Child sexual exploitation often begins without the victim’s knowledge. This is known as grooming. For example, a young person may be persuaded to post or send sexual photographs on the internet or via mobile phones without receiving any benefit themselves. The young person involved may believe that they are in a loving, consensual relationship when in fact they are being exploited.

In all cases of child sexual exploitation, those doing the exploiting have power or influence over their victim. This can be due to a difference in age, gender, intelligence, wealth or physical strength.

Child sexual exploitation results in children and young people suffering harm, and causes significant damage to their physical, emotional and mental health. Some young people may be supported to recover, whilst many may suffer serious long-term consequences.

Charis is committed to helping young people build skills and confidence in developing positive, healthy friendships and relationships.

If you would like Charis to deliver prevention training for professionals or young people, please do contact us.