Our Pilates courses are currently not running, but please check back for any updates or contact us.

Each term we run a free Pilates class led by a qualified, experienced instructor.   

It is a very informal, relaxed and friendly class…and one of our favourite hours of the week!

Pilates is a completely balanced form of exercise, with each muscle group being worked and stretched equally. It combines the focus on suppleness that you find in yoga with the emphasis on strength building found in the gym.  Pilates is recognised and recommended by the medical profession. 

Benefits of pilates often include:

  • safe effective exercise for a sleeker toned body
  • flatter stomach
  • improved posture
  • flexibility
  • joint mobility
  • increased core strength (abs, pelvic floor, lower back)
  • stamina & energy
  • alleviating stress
  • suitable for any age and fitness level

Thursday mornings 11am – 12pm

Mat and equipment provided.

If you are interested please contact us for further details.