About us

Charis Tiwala is a Christian charity offering support and assistance to anyone who is affected by human trafficking or sexual exploitation within the sex industry in Hertfordshire.


We exist to give people in the sex industry a choice again; a choice to exit if they wish, and a choice to rebuild a new life as they would choose to live it.

Charis is the only organisation in Hertfordshire specifically supporting people in the sex industry. The people that we work with are among the most at risk in our society, often with multiple and complex needs. Hence, Charis aims to engage at whatever the point of need with the utmost care and respect for each person.


We are all different…

and therefore the support that each person needs is different.

In order to address the varied needs of the people we work with, Charis has built effective partnerships across a broad range of agencies. This ensures easy access to services for the people we work with and the highest standard of support.  

Charis offers long-term person centred, practical and holistic support; encouraging personal growth, health, safety and well-being.

At Charis we focus on:
Preventative work
Equipping young people to build skills and confidence in developing positive, healthy friendships and relationships. Providing training and education in recognising, responding to, and preventing trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Regular Outreach
Our dedicated team of volunteers and staff visit the women working in the sex industry, mainly at off-street establishments, each week.
Practical and emotional support
Through our befriending scheme, chaplaincy service, advocacy, advice, crisis care, referrals and signposting.

People are what matter most to us

Charis works hard to build trusting relationships with those involved in the sex industry. To protect the dignity and privacy of the individual requires the utmost discretion.

Charis started in 2008 as an outreach project from a local church to address a need in the community.  Since then we have had the privilege of journeying with people affected by the sex industry.  Some of those people remain in the sex industry and we continue to offer support, while others who have left completely and rebuilt new lives. We recognise that pursuing a new way of life can be a long process and takes real courage to dare to hope for something different, and so we celebrate every small step along the way.