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Forte Bakery

Forte Bakery exists to support and empower women at risk through the art of baking.
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Forte Bakery exists to support and empower women at risk through the art of baking.

** Due to staffing capacity Forte Bakery is sadly currently not operating. **

We hope to return as soon as we can.


Baking courses

Each term we run weekly baking courses that teach women recipes, practical lessons and life skills in a safe and professional environment.

We aim to help develop the skills and interests of the women we work with to build their self-awareness, self-confidence and sense of independence. We place a high value on team-work and friendship, providing an encouraging atmosphere where everyone’s potential can be nurtured.

Through the range of baking courses we offer, our hope is that the students will gain a greater awareness of the skills and potential they possess, providing a catalyst for them to discover further opportunities and to lead a fulfilled life.

If you would like to apply for a course please apply here.

In all our baking we seek to use ingredients that have been ethically sourced and fairly traded.

Tuesdays when I do the baking course are the best day of my life. It's good to bake different things and not think of anything else while I'm doing it. It's good to make something nice and then it's nice to share it with people after. It really helps me relax.

*Yasmin (*pseudonym), 28 yrs old, student from a baking course.

Forte Bakery started in 2015 and was the vision of one of our team, Ceri (who very sadly passed away in 2020). Ceri was always such a joy to be around. She taught us so much, and has inspired us all to use the art of baking as a therapeutic tool.